National Service Week & Spring Youth Service Day

National Service Week
Alpha Phi Omega has designated the first week of November as National Service Week to unify Chapters with a national theme and to inspire expansion of chapter service programs. During this week every chapter is encouraged to carry out a new, high profile service project related to the program of emphasis and involving other chapters and the community. At the 2008 Alpha Phi Omega national convention, the program of emphasis and themes were chosen for 2009 & 2010. For 2009, National Service Week theme was “The Fifth Field of Service: Service to the Earth.” For 2010, National Service Week is November 7-13, and the theme is “Get the Green Out: Making Communities Greener.” The 2011 theme is centered around eating healthy.

To download a copy of the NSW Handbook, please click here.

Spring Youth Service Day
Alpha Phi Omega’s Spring Youth Service Day (which can also be thought of as, “Spring Youth Service Weekend”) is on April 15-17, 2011 (although alternative dates during the spring semester are acceptable; this date corresponds with the National program of our partner organizations). SYSD is Alpha Phi Omega’s way of participating in the largest service event in the world.

To help plan your Spring Youth Service Day project, download a copy of the Spring Youth Service Day Handbook (PDF) and visit the Service Resources section of this website. The Service Project Database also has information on previously planned National Service Week and Spring Youth Service Day projects. Chapters are encouraged to use this database to help plan not only future SYSD projects, but also future service projects in general. As Spring Youth Service Day reports come in, check out the latest statistics on the most service hours, highest chapter participation percentage, and most average service hours per member right here!

Don’t forget to report your SYSD Project. Remember, reporting for NSW and SYSD is mandatory for all chapters. Chapters should report their National Service Week projects using this form by no later than May 1.

For information about our national service programs, please click here.


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