APO Delta Pi – Brightest Bulb Fundraiser

May 5, 2014

APO Delta Pi’s annual Brightest Bulb competition starts in our weekly meetings. APO Delta Pi as a whole brainstorms our favorite professors on campus. After that, we have a Google poll this is sent out to all of our members, and the top 6 most popular professors are chosen to be a part of the competition. Each professor is notified that they have been nominated and are asked to choose a charity to donate their proceeds to at the end of the week. We then staff a table for a week in our student center, collecting cash donations. It boils down to a popularity contest: who is the most loved professor at Trinity? At the end of the week, the charity/professor combo that received the highest number of donations receives the entire week’s proceeds. This year’s winner was Patrick MacMillan, Trinity’s ballroom and country-western dance instructor. On our last day of fundraising alone he raised around $640, bringing the total donations for the week to over $800. APO will be boosting the donation just a bit, and in the end we will be donating $850 to the Alzheimer’s Association in Patrick’s name. This is one of APO’s most successful fundraising efforts in the past several years, and we were able to bring in almost 3 times what we usually do. Yay, Delta Pi!

The APO Delta Pi section starts around 18:56(ish).



February 11, 2013

Is your chapter planning a service event and want to publicize it? Maybe get the word out for a few extra hands to come help? Send us a PR write up and we’ll publish it and help get the word out.

You can also do the same after your project so you can show off the projects your chapter is doing. Just send us a summary of your project (who was there, what was done, etc.), a picture or two, and we”ll post it for all the world to see. Well, at least everyone in the APO world.

Section Calendar

February 9, 2013

Look for an update for how we handle the Section 43 calendar. We’re getting the Google calendar linked up so it will be easier for us to keep you all up to date on Section and Fraternity events. This will be good if any of you want to add it to your calendar feeds.

Alpha Rho Merit Badge University

February 7, 2013

Alpha Rho needs volunteers for their annual Merit Badge University in Austin. There are over 1000 Scouts that come to UT for this event and APO brothers teach merit badges to the Scouts. This is a great project and will be a lot of fun!!!! They need all different type of volunteers and volunteers get a lunch and free t-shirt too! The date is February 16, and they need volunteers from 7am – 6pm. Come and go as need be, just let the volunteer coordinator know. Contact Mallory Johnson volunteer@utmbu.org.

Section 43/44 Conference

February 7, 2013

Co-Sectional Registration is up folks! Start registering for this awesome exciting conference, best conference yet, and bring your favorite super hero costumes!!! (more explanation to come) http://fs18.formsite.com/textreme/form4/index.html

All information for Sectionals can be found HERE! <—That link there


Or this link here —-> https://aposection43.org/events/conferences/section-4344-conference/

Section 43 Project and Fellowship

February 7, 2013

Section Project this Spring semester will be held February 22 – February 24, 2013 in Ding Dong, Texas (Yes, I spelled it Correctly). It is a project with the C5 Foundation and will be fricken awesome! Volunteers will stay in cabins (serving as a “counselor”), assist with projects, and participate in various activities.

Please register here: http://fs18.formsite.com/textreme/form5/index.html

If you can not stay the entire time, we will have something else at the camp planned for you to do as well.

If you plan stay the entire weekend, please contact

For those serving as cabin counselors/group leaders (need:15+; 9 female/6 male)

6pm, Friday, February 22 – 3:30pm, Sunday, February 24

3012 Industrial Terrace, Austin, Texas, 78758

We’ll have space on our buses for volunteers to ride into camp with your youth OR they can drive themselves and follow the bus.

I’ll also have a volunteer orientation with them, either via conference call or in person)

I will need to know names/have background checks of the cabin counselors/group leader volunteers no later than February 13 (to process background checks).

For those coming in just for Saturday’s project (15+; any gender split)

8am – 7pm, February 23 (Or come at 9am and miss breakfast, you may be able to stay over night, we are working out the details)

2419 Gann Branch Road, Killeen, Texas, 76549

We will provide these volunteers with Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.

I’ll need to know final numbers for Saturday only by February 20 (to buy the correct amounts of food).

Volunteers can tag team (i.e., one stay the first night, another the second night), but I would need to know in order to plan accordingly.

Section 43 Fall Project

October 15, 2012

The Section 43 Project and Fellowship will be held November 3/4 in Bastrop, Texas. Get it on your calendar! The weekend will include two service projects (one for the Scouts and the other will be helping at the Race for the Cure in Austin (Yes, some driving will be required), a catered dinner, and skating at the Bastrop Skate Park! Woohoo! Look for more info to come as we get closer to the date.

There is no cost to the brothers for this event other than the $5 skating fee. This event is open to any and all brothers.

Alpha Gamma Omega Service

August 21, 2012

The Alpha Gamma Omega Chapter went to McGimsey Scout Park on April 14, 2012 to assist with the Cub Scout Family Fiesta. Many brothers performed four or more hours at a time assisting with projects and events put on by the Alamo Area Council in the name of service. The chapter participated in this event as part of their Spring Youth Service Day.

Alpha Rho Service

August 21, 2012

These photos come from the Alpha Rho chapter, located at the University of Texas at Austin. They were taken last fall at UT’s Gone to Texas Ceremony for incoming freshmen and at one of the home football games.

Staff the 2013 Boy Scout Jamboree

June 26, 2012

Are you interested in serving on staff at the next Boy Scout National Jamboree?

Then apply to serve on the Alpha Phi Omega booth or service corps at the 2013 National Scout Jamboree! The application is live and still taking applications from what I understand, but you will need to contact Brothers Kevin Studey for booth staff, (kevinstudey@gmail.com) or Gary Brownstein for service corps (garybrownstein@comcast.net) to let them know you are interested in applying.

To apply online you must logon to the APO.org national website to register.
Visit: http://www.apo.org/show/National_Programs/Scouting_and_Youth_Services/BSA_Jamboree
For more information and apply for APO staff positions!

It is an experience you will never forget.