Training Resources

  • APO IMPACT: These documents can be essentially thought of as “instruction manuals” for particular officer positions in a chapter.
  • Leadership Resources Clearinghouse: resource of materials for all your chapters needs. If you have a question, want to get ideas, or just want information on being an officer or anything in APO, this is the site to go to.
  • Leadership Position Outlines: list of officer positions and descriptions for APO chapters.
  • APO LEADS: The APO LEADS program consists of five individual modular components of leadership development.
  • Membership Academy: The Alpha Phi Omega Membership Academy is a weekend long skills training course designed to educate APO brothers in the basics of chapter membership operations.
  • National Convention
  • CAPS – The Chapter Assessment and Planning Session (CAPS) is a tool to help the chapter identify its goals and begin to plan its program for the coming year, based on an assessment of the past year. The end result of the CAPS is documentation of goals and desires in a form that will help the chapter officers develop and implement plans for the coming year in a manner that represents what the chapter sees as most important. The Section will provide a chapter in Section 43 a CAPS program if a request is made within reasonable time. Please click here to make a request for a CAPS program conducted by the Chair or representative.
  • Region Officer Retreat – a weekend retreat that focuses on leadership, chapter operations, and chapter officer positions. It is held every August  by the Region 7 staff to train officers.
  • Officer Transition – Officer Transition is an important process in each and every chapter. Each officer learns a lot about his or her office during the semester. This information should be shared from semester to semester to help the chapter grow. A face-to-face meeting is recommended between the officer and his successor. Also, each officer should create a binder for his or her office. This binder should be passed on each semester to the officer’s successor so that information can be shared and so the current officer doesn’t have to consistently ask the past officer questions.
  • Publications: A great resource includes almost all information published by the fraternity.

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