APO Delta Pi – Brightest Bulb Fundraiser

May 5, 2014

APO Delta Pi’s annual Brightest Bulb competition starts in our weekly meetings. APO Delta Pi as a whole brainstorms our favorite professors on campus. After that, we have a Google poll this is sent out to all of our members, and the top 6 most popular professors are chosen to be a part of the competition. Each professor is notified that they have been nominated and are asked to choose a charity to donate their proceeds to at the end of the week. We then staff a table for a week in our student center, collecting cash donations. It boils down to a popularity contest: who is the most loved professor at Trinity? At the end of the week, the charity/professor combo that received the highest number of donations receives the entire week’s proceeds. This year’s winner was Patrick MacMillan, Trinity’s ballroom and country-western dance instructor. On our last day of fundraising alone he raised around $640, bringing the total donations for the week to over $800. APO will be boosting the donation just a bit, and in the end we will be donating $850 to the Alzheimer’s Association in Patrick’s name. This is one of APO’s most successful fundraising efforts in the past several years, and we were able to bring in almost 3 times what we usually do. Yay, Delta Pi!

The APO Delta Pi section starts around 18:56(ish).