History and Traditions

Section 43 Gavel

The Section 43 Gavel is held by the Section Chair and is brought out only for the Sectional Conference to conduct Sectional Business. It is engraved with the words Section 43 Chair’s Gavel, presented by James B. Horkman 03-27-93.

At the Section 43/44 Conference held on April1st-3rd, 2011, in Austin, Texas, the APO Section 43 gavel was mysteriously taken with no trace as to who took it. The trail had gone cold. Some months later at the Region VII Conference held October 28th-30th in San Antonio, Texas, the Section 43 gavel showed back up but,  in order to get his gavel back, Billy had to complete 3 tasks to receive his full gavel back as it had been separated into its three pieces. After completing the first task, Billy received the metal band back. However, not more than 3 hours later, that piece was taken from under his nose. So now, Billy awaits to find out the fate of getting his gavel returned to him…

Section 43/44 Conference

The Section 43/44 Conference is held annually in the Spring semester. The Conference combines fun and exciting fellowship events, a service project, and training and leadership seminars. It is a chance for the chapters across South East, Central, and South Texas to meet and share ideas. Traditionally, the Section 43 Conference has been held with Section 44. The conference alternates between Section 43 and 44, one year in 43 and the next in 44.

Elmer T. Zilch, Jr.

Is the Patron Saint of the Alpha Rho Chapter. Traditionally, he is brought to all Sectional, Regional, and National Conferences. It is a tradition for the Xi Delta Chapter to attempt to steal him at all conferences. Be sure to add Elmer T. Zilch as a Facebook friend: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=7963624&ref=nf

APO National Presidents that Advised Chapters, Pledged or Live in Section 43


Toast Song

  • Official song of the Alpha Phi Omega fraternity. Song at the end of chapter meetings, section conferences, service projects, and fraternity events. Click here for more info about the Toast Song and to listen to the song click here.

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