Section 43 Service Project

Spring Section 43 Service Project

Location: Killeen, Texas

Date: 8am – 7pm, February 23 (Or come at 9am and miss breakfast)

Event: Weekend Warriors

Section Project this Spring semester will be held February 22 – February 24, 2013 in Ding Dong, Texas (Yes, I spelled it Correctly). It is a project with the C5 Foundation and will be fricken awesome! Volunteers will stay in cabins (serving as a “counselor”), assist with projects, and participate in various activities.

Please register here:

If you can not stay the entire time, we will have something else at the camp planned for you to do as well.

If you plan stay the entire weekend, please contact

For those serving as cabin counselors/group leaders (need:15+; 9 female/6 male)

6pm, Friday, February 22 – 3:30pm, Sunday, February 24

3012 Industrial Terrace, Austin, Texas, 78758

We’ll have space on our buses for volunteers to ride into camp with your youth OR they can drive themselves and follow the bus.

I’ll also have a volunteer orientation with them, either via conference call or in person)

I will need to know names/have background checks of the cabin counselors/group leader volunteers no later than February 13 (to process background checks).

For those coming in just for Saturday’s project (15+; any gender split)

8am – 7pm, February 23 (Or come at 9am and miss breakfast, you may be able to stay over night, we are working out the details)

2419 Gann Branch Road, Killeen, Texas, 76549

We will provide these volunteers with Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.

I’ll need to know final numbers for Saturday only by February 20 (to buy the correct amounts of food).

Volunteers can tag team (i.e., one stay the first night, another the second night), but I would need to know in order to plan accordingly.


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