Region VII Officer Retreat

June 21, 2012

Hey all, August 10-12 (the second weekend of August) is when we will have the Region VII Officer retreat. The location is still being decided but we’ll let you know as soon as word gets to us.

.org is back up

June 20, 2012

So, after a couple months of some issues we were having getting the domain name registered again, we are finally back up and running with our .org URL. So rejoice and celebrate. That last parts entirely up to you but you get how excited we are to finally get that resolved.

Sectionals 2012

February 3, 2012

Want to find out more about the Section 43/44 conference that will be held March 2nd-4th? Then go here ( to find out more! Hope to see you all there. Oh and, by reading means that you will be attending the conference.


Well, sorta. Just go register and see you all in a month!


APO Tax Day

November 15, 2011

Hope everyone’s chapters got all their paperwork and AAMD’s to the National Office by today. Hoping to see all the chapters eligible for the Chapter of Excellence and Pledge Program of Excellence!

John Mack Scholarship Recipients

October 27, 2011

May be late to post about this, but would like to congratulate the following brothers from Section 43 for being chosen to receive the John Mack Scholarship.

ElizabethPelser-Rho Lambda ’09
Brian Lackey-Alpha Rho ’09
Kristin Welsh-AlphaRho ’09
Ashley Murillo-Zeta Omega ’09

Congratulations again for being chosen to receive this scholarship and we hope you the best in your future studies.

Countdown to Conference

October 25, 2011

Only 3 days left until the Region VII Conference!!!!1!!!!!!11!!

Can you just feel the excitement? Looking forward to seeing all the brothers from the region and enjoying an awesome weekend with you all.

Region VII Conference Schedule

October 18, 2011

Just wanted to announce that the finalized Region VII Conference schedule has been posted, along with some further information for some of the events that will be going on during the weekend. Just over a week until conference! Can’t wait to see everyone there!

Conference Schedule

October 2, 2011

Well, finally got the tentative schedule up for the Region VII Conference up. It and the page for the Workshop List looked the same. Hopefully we will get a final schedule that shows when each workshop will actually be at so chapters and brothers can best plan what workshops they want to attend.

Regional page added

September 30, 2011

In case anyone didn’t notice, we’ve added a page where you can find out just about anything you need for the Region VII Conference. Including applications for the Region awards! You can find it on the Events drop down menu. Be sure to do fill out those award applications!

Region 7 Conference

September 28, 2011

The Section 43 Staff is looking forward to seeing brothers from all across Region VII at the Region VII Conference that will be held October 28th to the 30th in San Antonio, Texas. The conference will be hosted by our own Delta Pi Chapter (Trinity) along with the other chapters in San Antonio which include Alpha Alpha Zeta (St. Mary’s), Alpha Alpha Rho (UIW), and Alpha Gamma Omega (UTSA).